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Memorial High School Theatre

Flower Order Form


Pre-order flowers to give your favorite

42nd Street

cast and crew members after the show.


ORDER NOW and your flowers will be waiting in the lobby before the show.   Come by then or at Intermission and attach a 42nd Street gift tag to your bouquet.  It will be wrapped and waiting for you to pick up immediately after the show. 


A limited number of “extras” will be available for sale at each performance; but, only pre-ordering will assure your bouquets.



Complete this Order Form and drop it off in the big Vase in the Black Box Theatre to the attention of Becky Cummings, ALONG WITH a check payable to MHS Theatre Booster Club.


Cannot guarantee orders received after January 22 for Week 1 & January 29 for Week 2



                                   Single Rose - $5      6-Rose Bouquet - $15    Mixed Bouquet - $10

    (cannot guarantee specific colors; but they are all beautiful)


                    Your Name:  _________________________________________________

                    Your Phone Number:  ________________________________________

                    Your Email:  _________________________________________________


Indicate quantities of each for the date you want or the week if you are not sure which day yet.



Single Rose

@ $5

6-Rose Bouquet

 @ $15

Mixed Bouquet

 @ $10

Week 1




Thurs, January 28




Fri, January 29




Sat, January 30








Week 2




Thurs, February 4




Fri, February 5




Sat, 2:30, February 6




Sat, 7:30, February 6








Total Number




Total $





Thanks for supporting the award-winning MHS Theatre Department.