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Memorial High School Theatre

A Midsummer Night's Dream


A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Memorial High School – 2010


This production will be performed at MHS PAC in November with the following cast.  An alternate cast will also perform at State Festival in a cut version of this production.  Please be ready for that to be announced.



Theseus                        Will McCarthy

Hippolyta                     Emmory Brazelton

Egeus                           Aamir Ibrahim

Lysander                      Markus Potthast

Demetrius                     Michael Pyndus

Hermia                         Caroline Hickey

Helena                          Makenna VanLiew

Philostrate                    Christian Noland-Layman

Peter Quince                David Comer

Nick Bottom                Rob Hogan

Francis Flute                 Cole Chandler

Tom Snout                   Jordan Hickerson

Snug                             Ethan Miller

Robin Starveling           David Nowlan

Oberon                           Tim Kleinhenz

Titania                          Lauren Patterson

Puck                            Colleen Morgan

Peaseblossom               Alexis LaBarba

Cobweb                       Devon Rubbo

Moth                            Victoria Hidalgo

Mustardseed                Lexi Fink


Additional Fairies:         Jae Jae Simien, Maddie Duncan, Lisa Ellis, Audrey Vinall, Kaitlin Wesneski, Ryan Valencia, Emily Ackerman, Allison Sharpe, Melanie Gaw, Lariab Khan, Nicole Kim, Adrianna Castilleja Siri Bangen and Kylee Waters


Other Attendants:         Vernon Thomas McGhee, Christian Noland-Layman, Becky Oxley, Sissy Whitsett, Shannon Fulton and Alison Peachee

Technical Crew


A Midsummer Night’s Dream


DIRECTOR                                                                 Nicole Rae Morgan


STAGE MANAGER                                                   Callie Carson


ASST. STAGE MANAGER                                        Kate Fester


SCENIC DESIGNER                                                  Advanced Technical Theatre


SCENIC CREW                                                          Katie Borham, Callie Carson, Shelley Estrada, Kai Jones, Tim Kleinhenz, Dillon Larberg,       Taylor Lorfing, Sam Mehr,           Nicole Morgan, Alison Peachee, Cassidy Schap


BACKSTAGE CREW CHIEF/FLY CREW                Brandy Gutkowski, Kai Jones


BACKSTAGE RUNNING CREW                             Jennifer Gutkowski, Taylor Lorfing, Sam Mehr, Olivia Peel


COSTUME DESIGNER                                             Vernette Shaffer                                  


COSTUME CREW                                                     Jessica Anderson, Konstance Angelides, Callie Carson, Carly Dees, Shelley Estrada, Shannon Fulton, Brandy Gutkowski, Leslie Larberg, Tristen Patton, Colleen Morgan, Nicole Morgan, Cassidy Schap, Megan Shaffer, Sydney Shin, Leah Thomas


LIGHTING DESIGNER                                              Nicole Morgan


LIGHTBOARD OPERATOR                          Alex Shaffer


LIGHTING CREW-CREW CHIEF                             Cassidy Schap


LIGHTING CREW                                                      Konstance Angelides, Maddie Calais, Jennifer Gutkowski, Pardis Moravej, Kellan Munden, Taishiro Okazaki, Tristan Patton, Olivia Peel, Bhavna Polapragada, Erin Roberts, Alex Shaffer, Emily Talbott, Leah Thomas, Alex Toledo


SOUND DESIGNER                                                  Alison Peachee


SOUNDBOARD OPERATOR                                   Katie Borham


SOUND CREW                                                          Erin Roberts, Emily Talbott


PROPERTIES MISTRESS                                          Sam Mehr


PROPERTIES CREW                                                 Maddie Calais, Dillon Larberg, Taylor Lorfing


FLIES/CURTAIN                                                        Dillon Larberg                                     


HOUSE MANAGER                                                   Elaine Thomas


HOUSE CREW                                                           Shelley Estrada, Pardis Moravej, Kellan Munden, Taishiro Okazaki, Bhavna Polapragada, Sydney Shin, Leah Thomas, Alex Toledo


Act well your part; there all the honour lies.