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Memorial High School Theatre

Jan 8th Teacher Symposium

Student Workers for the Lunch Shift will sign up on the callboard and will need to report around 10:45 a.m. unless otherwise posted.  Students will meet in the cafeteria and serve lunch, stay to clean up and more than likely will go to rehearsal.  Students will have a lunch option in January! 
We ask that a few students bring rags or wipes to wipe down the tables at the end of the meal time.

Time/Workers for Concessions in the Lobby

Set up/Laura Fulton and Jim Patterson

8 am/Ron Hickelson and Nicole Morgan

9 am/Lisa Hickman and Julia Hickman with Kelly Abshire

10 am/David Shin and Evelyn Chaney

11 am/Kathy Pryor and Cindie Brazelton

12 noon/Jim Patterson and Jody Donaldson

1 pm/Monte Donaldson and Kathy Pryor

2 pm/Tim Wesneski and Susan Donaldson

3 pm/Karen LaBarba and Heather Gaw