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Memorial High School Theatre

42nd Street

Thank you for a wonderful production!
What an amazing group of young people!
Best Wishes to our participants!
We are hoping you "Break a Leg"!

Students perform at Barnes and Noble - Town & Country.

Memorial High School

42nd Street Cast


Dorothy Brock          Lexi Fink

Julian Marsh          Dino Nicandros

Billy Lawlor           Stefan Azizi

Peggy Sawyer         Emily Statham

Pat Denning           Brett Mourglia

Abner Dillon          Don Hood

Andy Lee                Ryan Valencia

Maggie Jones         Colleen Morgan

Bert Barry               Ethan Miller

Ann Reilly

(Anytime Annie)    Emmory Brazelton

Phyllis Dale            Avery Bonora

Lorraine Flemming   Candice Pink

      understudies(Erika Heitkamp/Elaine Thomas)

Gladys                     Lauren Patterson

Oscar                       Dillon Larberg

Mac                          Cole Chandler

Diane Lorimer         Erika Heitkamp

Ethel                        Sammy Sinclair



Emily Ackerman, Kat Bergez, Katie Bloomfield, Nicole Brooks, Marilyn Budde, Jorge Cardozo, Michael Comer, Libby Cummings, Donald Egan, Lisa Ellis, Shannon Fulton, Melanie Gaw, Eric Heaton, Erika Heitkamp, Rob Hogan, Alexis LaBarba, Hattie Marks, Kelsey McArdle, David Nowlan, Rebecca Oxley, Lauren Patterson, Emily Pollack, Allyson Poujol, Jaclyn Poujol, Sammy Sinclair, Elaine Thomas, Makenna Van Liew and Kaitlin Wesneski