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Memorial High School Theatre

Rehearsal Guidelines


Rehearsal Guidelines


1.               Each student in the production should carry a copy of the schedule with them at all times.  Make sure that your family is aware of the schedule also.  Students will need to get updated schedules as posted (typically on Friday) for the following weeks rehearsal and possible changes.  We will try and update the website as often as possible, but occasionally the call board is as far as we get.

2.               Show up to rehearsal on time, dressed properly, and ready to work.  Please make sure that you have a folder with all of your script and music and that you also carry a pencil with you.  There is no food or drink in the rehearsal area but you may bring in bottled water with a cap.  We typically give students time for snacks and even provide them when we begin immediately after school.  Bottled water is not provided but students are welcome to purchase a Theatre Water Bottle for use at rehearsals.

3.               Rehearsals start promptly with either the director or the stage manager and vocal and physical warm-ups.  No one is excused from warm-ups and they typically begin on the dot.  Students should anticipate this and plan to be early.

4.               Please be respectful and courteous.  Address all adults with appropriate respect.  (Yes ma’am, Yes sir, No ma’am, No sir.)  Do not talk while a director is speaking or giving directions.  Understand that your stage manager is an extension of the director.  They typically are telling you what they have been told to over the headset by the adult in charge.

5.               USE TIME WELL.  Even if you don’t feel like rehearsing, do it anyway!  You are only allowed to miss 3 (three) rehearsals for a show before losing a part and after 5 rehearsals you are released from the production.  Any time you miss rehearsal you hurt the company and keep the company from accomplishing greatness.  While at rehearsal, focus on the task at hand.  DO NOT HAVE CONVERSATIONS OFF-STAGE!  If you are going to miss rehearsal you need to fill out an absence form found in this website.  It must be turned in immediately to the Stage Manager's Box in the Black Box Theatre so that rehearsal adjustments may be made as soon as possible.

6.               Numbers on the schedule refer to the Act and Scene that will be rehearsed on that date and could also determine which dance number will be worked on.  Students are asked to look at all abbreviations and ask early so that they do not miss a necessary rehearsal.

7.               Dismissal occurs when the director says so.  Parents are welcome to sit and watch rehearsals at all times.  Typically, rehearsals run late because students are late in getting started.

8.               There will be additional singing rehearsal for the leads as needed per the Musical Director.

9.               Practice lines at home so that rehearsal is for rehearsal or ensemble work.  The following saying applies “Every rehearsal should be a performance; every performance just another rehearsal.”  Never just walk through a scene; act it—every time.

10.         Never comment when you make a mistake, stay in character.  Also, don’t comment on other people during rehearsal—leave the directing to the director, that is what they are paid to do.  Everyone needs to aim to do their job to the best of their ability and not worry about others and their jobs or assignments.

11.         Understudies are to attend necessary rehearsal so that a smooth transition may occur if necessary.

12.         Conclude the rehearsal in large group commenting and summarizing the process and seeing where you are and what still needs to be accomplished.

13.         Make appointments to meet with the director if you see problems or need to discuss individually what is happening with your character, relationships or just so that everyone is on the same page.  Do not be put off if she cannot stay after to meet with you.  The director has to be at other events/rehearsals and suggests another time to meet and talk.

14.         Keep a working atmosphere and notify the director or stage manager of any problems, injuries or concerns.

15.   Please understand that if you must be asked to be quiet repeatedly or to focus on the rehearsal, you may be asked to leave and possibly lose your ability to be part of the show.  There will be no financial refund if you are kicked out of a show.

16.   Most importantly, we want to have a good time.  Plan to come and learn and be part of something bigger than one individual.  It is a truly amazing process that has repeatedly been listed as one of the greatest moments in high school.  I promise!