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Memorial High School Theatre

The Great High School Whodunnit-2008

Cast List
The Teachers and Staff
Mr. Rufus Richmond                   Young Min Chung
Ms. Bertha Rooper                     Libby Cummings
Mr. Rick Trumbull                       Markus Potthast
Coach RF Stone                        Tarek Abbassi
Becky Bolton                            Lauren Patterson
Security Guard Randy Campbell    Cole Chandler
The Students
Rita Remington                         Elaine Thomas
The Varsity Cheerleaders           Annie Meyers, Caroline Johnson,
                                            Sammy Sinclair and Audrey Githens
Breeze Harper-Rinsky                Makenna Van Liew
Hippies for Freedom                  Zoe Sommers, Sam Butler, Ana Islas,
                                            Taylor Harper and Ryan Valencia
Jason "Reptile" Carpentino         Christian Noland
Carlene "Rusty" Reston              Lauren Long
The Dudleys
Debbie Dudley                        Emmory Brazelton
Dale Dudley                           David Nowlan
Daphne Dudley                       Lexi Fink
The Fed and Her Most Wanted
Agent Amelia Blunt                 Emily Statham  
Jack Jerome                          James Preng
Mystery Coordinators          Lindsey White