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Memorial High School Theatre

ITS Troupe 2980



Members of Troupe 2980!
2010 School Year

Many students want to know how to join ITS-the International Thespian Society and how to earn a letter jacket.  One thing you need to know right now is that you have to do more than--just be in a show.  You have to be involved, be dedicated to the program and attend meetings to get the information. 

Additional requirements are that you participate in theatre for a minimum of two years and maintain a designated GPA. Included in our Constitution and By-Laws (found below) are the mandates from The Educational Theatre Association and SBISD that we must follow that detail our point system, etc.   which help explain how to earn a letter jacket and Honor Points within the Society.  Questions can always be asked of one of the officers via email or their mailbox in the BBT or students should speak up at a meeting.

Students are asked to turn in monthly point sheets so that we can keep an accurate account of their work in theatre and that membership is handled quickly and efficiently.  Students that do not attend posted meetings and complete point sheets will not receive information about these and other events of the department.  Open meetings are for anyone interested in theatre and a closed meeting for ITS Members or officers to conduct business of the troupe.  These meetings can be found on your calendar and are also posted on the callboard located by the Black Box Theatre, PA-104 in the hallway. 

ADDITIONALLY, Students wanting to maintain their standing in ITS and those trying to earn membership in the honor society need to attend Saturday workdays (to earn hours), our social events and then need to get involved in each and every show.  Members are required to work on every show in some manner that earns them a minimum of one point according to the point system of Thespians.  Questions regarding this should be directed to the Parliamentarian.

For additional information, parents should attend booster club meetings which are posted. All new families are asked to meet with the Directors at the beginning of the school year to learn more about the department, understand policies and procedures and help make a smooth transition for success in the program from the beginning of the student's involvement.  Please contact the department via email at or 713.251.2535.  

Constitution and By-Laws

2011-12 Student Board
President: Cole Chandler
Vice-President: Alison Peachee
Treasurer: Dillon Larberg
Recording Secretary: Alexis LaBarba
Parliamentarian: Kate Fester
Corresponding Secretary: Ryan Valencia
Co-Historian: Kaitlin Wesneski
Co-Historian: Melanie Gaw
Community Outreach: Shannon Fulton
& Julia Hickman
Tutoring: Maddie Duncan
& Audrey Vinall
Publicity: Sarah Herzig
& Erin Roberts
ComedySportz Captain: Rob Hogan
ASST. ComedySportz: Maddie Calais
Members-at-Large: Elizabeth Gentry
& Megan Shaffer
Senior Representatives: Aamir Ibrahim
Junior Representatives: Kai Jones
Sophomore Representatives: Sydney Shin
Freshman Rep: Mason Montgomery

Current List of State Competition Events
If you do not see your name, please email me for an event you would be interested in being a part of.  A couple of events need one or two individuals.

2011 Memorial High School

State Festival Competition Teams

Solo Acting

            Anastasia Zavitzanos 

Duet Acting

            Rob Hogan and Alexis LaBarba with “Anniversary”

Group Acting

            "Anatomy of Gray" with Tristen Patton*, Cole Chandler, Melanie Gaw, Kellan Munden, Leah Thomas, Vernon McGhee and Taylor Lorfing.

Solo Musical

            Dillon Larberg with “Shiksa Goddess” from The Last Five Years

Duet Musical

           Erin Roberts and Sydney Shin

Group Musical

            “Momma I’m a Big Girl Now”

            Kaitlin Wesneski, Abby Munton, Julia Hickman, David Comer, Audrey Vinall and Maddie Duncan

Solo Pantomime


Duet Pantomime

            Ryan Valencia and Maddie Calais

Scenic Designer


Costume Design

            Shannon Fulton

Costume Construction


Lighting Design


Sound Design


Marketing Design


Stage Management

            Alison Peachee

Mask Making


Group Costume Design

            Shannon Fulton, Callie Carson, Megan Shaffer and

Group Make-up Design

            Kaitlin Wesneski, captain with Leah Thomas, Emily Wright and        

Group Scenic Design

            Kate Fester, captain with Olivia Peel, Alison Peachee & Kai Jones

Team Techie

            Olivia Peel, Shannon Fulton, Kate Fester,

All Star Troupe Display

            Melanie Gaw, captain

All-State Show “Corum Boy” Auditions






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