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Memorial High School Theatre

Theatre Officer Constitution


Memorial Theatre Officer Constitution


Being a Memorial Theatre officer requires you to be a living representation of the Memorial Theatre Mission Statement.  In addition, it will require more time than the average theatre members and you must be willing and able to commit your time and efforts to the success of the Memorial Theatre Program.  Listed below are the requirements of an officer for this organization.


I.                    Eligibility of an Officer

a.       Grades--All officers must maintain an overall 6-weeks grade average of 75.  If the average is below 75, the officer will be given a 6-week grace period while being placed on probation.  If the grade average is not raised to a 75 during the grace period, the officer will be dismissed.

b.      Conduct

                                                               i.      Two “N”s or one “U” in conduct grades for disciplinary reasons for each 6-week will result in a 6-week grace period while being placed on probation.  Conduct grades must be brought up to “S” and “E” in all classes during the grace period or the officer will be dismissed.

                                                             ii.      If an officer is suspended, expelled, transferred to an alternative school or receives detentions for 2 disciplinary offenses the officer will be dismissed.

c.       Class Requirements (effective May 2008)

                                                               i.      Officers must be enrolled in a theatre class the entire year unless a conflict of interest occurs and it must be approved by the ITS Board. 

                                                             ii.      If an officer drops their theatre class, they will be dismissed.

d.      Documentation

                                                               i.      A copy of each officer’s report card must be provided to the director two school weeks from the end of the grading period each 6 weeks or two demerits will be given automatically.

                                                             ii.      To run for office you must provide the director with a current copy of your report card.


II.                 Officer Elections

a.       Officer candidates must meet eligibility requirements.

b.      All candidates must attend department meetings during the year they run for office.

c.       All candidates must be a member or eligible to be a member of the International Thespian Society, Troupe 2980, must be indicted at the Ceremony and have paid their dues for membership.

d.      All officer candidates must petition for election with a given and necessary amount of signatures of current members with at least 10 ITS Points each, excluding seniors.

e.       Petitions for office must be turned in with the officer packet, a resume, and a completed questionnaire stating why the candidate wishes to attain a board member position. 

f.        In the event that a board member is removed or resigns, the first alternate will fill the open office and the next highest-ranking candidate who accepts the position will fill the vacant slot.  A reasonable effort will be made to keep the number deemed appropriate by the sponsor.

g.       In the case that the President is removed or resigns, the Vice-President will take his/her place and the highest-ranking board member will assume the role of Vice-President. 

h.       If any officer wishes to resign, a written letter must be given to the President and the Sponsor.

i.         Any candidate who is elected must attend the retreats and officer meetings. 

j.        The only excuses accepted for missing a required event for an officer will be at the discretion of the Directors.  Examples would include illness or family bereavement.


The Election Process:

            Board Popular Vote: 50%

            Directors’ Evaluations (Resume, Questionnaire, and/or Interview):50%


The Board will vote on officer positions by position interest at the first board meeting of the new board.


III.               Meetings

a.       Board Meetings

                                                               i.      Board member meetings are to be held once monthly at the school.

                                                             ii.      President calls the meeting to order.

                                                            iii.      Any remaining old business will come from the secretary’s minutes of the previous meetings.

                                                           iv.      New issues are presented, discussed and voted on if necessary.

                                                             v.      The next meeting time is announced.

                                                           vi.      The meeting is adjourned.

                                                          vii.      Officer notebooks and calendars are required at every board meeting.

b.      Voting at Meetings

                                                               i.      Majority rule will only pass any business issue.

                                                             ii.      President will vote only to break a tie on any issue.

c.       Attendance at Meetings

                                                               i.      Officers must be present at all board and general meetings.  (For acceptable excuses, refer to Article II, L)

                                                             ii.      One unexcused absence from a Board Meeting will be allowed, however, 6 demerits will be given automatically.  The second unexcused absence will result in dismissal. 

                                                            iii.      One unexcused absence from Meetings or socials will be allowed but 4 demerits will be given automatically.  The second unexcused absence will result in dismissal.

                                                           iv.      Officers are expected to wear the required theatre shirt the entire school day of which a department meeting and ITS Meetings are held.

                                                             v.      Seven of the board members and a director must be present to hold a meeting.  Only the President with a Director’s approval or a Director may call emergency meetings.

                                                           vi.      All officers must submit grievances, suggestions, and agenda items to be addressed, no later than the board meeting, which is held prior to the department meeting.

                                                          vii.      Meetings may not be cancelled without a board vote and Director’s approval.

                                                        viii.      Officers will be expected to help set up and clean up after all meetings.

IV.              Officer Retreats

a.       Fall Retreat

                                                               i.      Officers must review the Constitution, Manual of Policies and Procedures and “Tips for Success in the MHS Theatre”, and make revisions if necessary.  If any revisions are made to the Constitution for the current year, the board must ratify them unanimously.

                                                             ii.      The officer board will brainstorm and discuss goals for the upcoming year.

                                                            iii.      Officers will update their calendars.

b.      Winter/Spring Retreat

V.                 Officer Responsibilities

a.       Description of Board Positions

                                                               i.      President:  calls meetings (board and general) to order, presides over all meetings, encourages other officers to fulfill their duties, recognizes those who want to speak at meetings, maintains communication between officer board and directors, makes meeting agenda and gives to Secretary to be typed for the department and ITS Meetings, sends periodic mailers to all members and parents and prepares all audition sign-ups, contracts and audition information.

                                                             ii.      Vice-President: Carries out President’s duties in their absence, notifies and communicates with committees, parents and chair-persons, keeps track of ITS Membership, maintains database and provides information to Booster Club Officers.

                                                            iii.      Secretary: Keeps minutes of department and ITS meetings, posts minutes on callboard, gives a copy of all minutes to President, directors and administrators, makes copies and distributes agenda for meetings, keeps a copy of agendas, corresponds with other troupes and organizations as necessary, gives Thank-You notes as necessary, updates sponsor and parent address labels, maintains the suggestion box.

                                                           iv.      Treasurer: Maintains budget of the organization and spearheads all fund-raising for individuals and the organization, works with the booster club to handle t-shirt sales, handles all dues collection along with booster club and maintains up-to-date financials. 

                                                             v.      Parliamentarian: Keeps order at meetings, keeps attendance for meetings, gives copies of attendance to Secretary and President, manages demerit system, keeps track of Manual of Policies and Procedures, makes communication directory of all current members and transfers the points from the written point sheets to the database in the computer.

                                                           vi.      Publicity Manager: In charge of publicizing all productions, meetings and other activities, leads publicity crews, communicates events through posters, announcements at the high school, televised announcements, works with Booster Club to send press releases.

                                                          vii.      Historian: Collects and takes photos and arranges for the videotaping of all productions, rehearsals, trips, crews, meetings and other departmental events.  Creates a comprehensive memory book of the year, handles ITS State board and presents these items at the end of the year banquet.

                                                        viii.      Media Coordinator: Updates website and calendar and produces slide show of events at the end of the year along with working on the newsletters.

                                                           ix.      Community Outreach:  Responsible for all community obligations and coordinates community service projects.  Maintains communication with middle schools and handles spring socials.

                                                             x.      Tutoring Supervisor: Responsible for maintaining and posting tutoring that is available through the department.  Liaison for all students that require additional academic support.

                                                           xi.      ComedySportz Liaison: responsible for maintaining communication flow regarding their calendar and events and develops the schedule for set-up and take down for matches.  Is also in charge of posting information regarding practices schedule and informing coach about practices and match participants.

b.      Other Assigned Duties-Officer Duty Days are weeks during a month that an officer is assigned to stay after school for at least 20 minutes, beginning no earlier than 3:00 p.m. and no later than 3:10 p.m., for the duration of the year to assist the Directors and fellow thespians with any business that needs to be attended to.  Officers must sign out on the calendar in the office.  If they fail to attend, it must be noted on the calendar.  Upon the second unexcused absence, two demerits will be automatically given for each subsequent absence.   

VI.              Officer Board Demerit System:  This system of demerits has been created as motivation for the positive behavior of a board member.  The goal of the system is that its enforcement will help the board as a whole.  An officer will be dismissed from the board is he/she acquires 15 demerits and demerits will be posted.

a.       15 demerits-If an officer takes action or continues to engage in any activity that the directors deem diminishing to the integrity of the Theatre Department at MHS.

b.      8 demerits-ISS assignment, violation of any part of a production contract, lack of involvement/support during a production equaling to the amount of at least two ITS points (20 hours), missing a required Troupe activity listed as unexcused, display of public disrespect towards any officer, fellow theatre member, director, the Department as a whole or a faculty member.

c.       6 demerits-Not fulfilling officer duties or responsibilities for any theatre event from start to finish and noted unexcused, an unexcused absence from a board meeting

d.      4 demerits-an Unexcused absence from an ITS meeting or department meeting.

e.       2 demerits-tardiness to a board and/or general meeting without a written excuse approved by a director.

f.        1 demerit-not wearing required shirts on assigned days, not attending an Officer Duty Day, or not performing duties on Officer Duty Day.

g.       Issues on non-automatic demerits should be presented to the Parliamentarian, who will in turn bring them to the Directors.  The Directors will in turn decide which demerits will be proposed.  In accord with the directors’ decision, the Parliamentarian will present the demerits in a formal letter to the officer within one week. 

h.       In the case that a demerit is contested, all board members will get an equal vote.  Voting will be done openly.  Board members may abstain from voting and for the demerits to be issued they must have 51% vote of the board.



After demerits are given, the recipient may work 2 hours of work deemed appropriate by the sponsor to remove 1 demerit.