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Memorial High School Theatre

Constitution and By-Laws




At MHS, any student interested in activities related to the production and performance of plays or musical theatre is invited to become involved in “Thespians”.  On our campus, we have an active troupe of The International Thespian Society (ITS), the honorary theatre organization for students in high schools all over the world.  Members of this organization are known as “Thespians” after the first actor of the Greek period who stepped out of the chorus to deliver individual lines.  Students who work to help produce plays, either on, or backstage, earn points based on the number of hours worked.  When a student has worked at least 100 hours or ten (10) points and met the criteria for troupe membership, they participate in an induction ceremony.  They are included on the roster of the honor society and receive recognition in drama programs at MHS.


Any student who volunteers their time and enthusiasm to the program becomes an “Apprentice Thespian” while continuing to work towards formal induction.  Most students who participate in the program enroll in one of the Theatre Arts courses, but it is not required.  Students, who have already earned ITS membership hours at another high school and then transfer to MHS, can have those points officially transferred.  Other production work done at a non-ITS affiliated school or organization may be eligible for point assignments.  More information is available from the faculty sponsor.


Thespian activities include monthly meetings, social events, productions and for qualified students, school sponsored trips to state and national theatre conferences and conventions.  Additional recognition and awards are earned by thespians as they continue to be active members.  Students are eligible for a Memorial letter jacket after earning points for at least 400 hours or forty (40) points of production work and fulfilling district requirements and earning.  The students in the department are also given opportunities to participate in State and National Thespian Festivals which can earn the individual and school recognition and scholarships and prizes.  The Theatre Arts Program has an active and generous Theatre Booster Club that provides hundreds of hours of support, financial aid and limitless appreciation of the student’s efforts.  Thespians share a common interest in theatre, but are of all different backgrounds and types.  The Thespian Troupe is one of the most open and welcoming organizations on campus.  We invite you to join.  Information about new member events and activities is published on the callboard and additional information is in the Black Box Theatre, PA-104 or can be viewed online @




Article 1.  Name and Purpose

Section 1.               This organization shall be called Troupe #2980 of the International Thespian Society, a branch of the Educational Theatre Association.


Section 2.               The purpose of this troupe shall be the advancement of standards of excellence in

                                Theatre.  More specifically, the troupe shall encourage students to attain a better

                                Mastery of the Theatre Arts.


Section 3.               The organization forbids secrecy; membership is given as recognition for meritorious work in the Theatre Arts.



Article II.  Membership

Section 1.               All nominees for active membership shall be regularly enrolled as students of

                                Memorial Senior High School.


Section 2.               All active members must have participated in at least two (2) full-length plays, and

                                have earned a minimum of then (10) points, i.e., 100 hours of superior work.  Also,

                                active members must be enrolled in grades 9-12.


Section 3.               Final authority concerning membership requirements shall be vested in the troupe

                                sponsor, Mrs. Nicole Rae Morgan.


Section 4.               Honorary membership may be granted to adults for extraordinary and worthy

                                assistance in the promotion of theatre arts in the school and community.



Article III.  Officers

Section 1.               MHS Troupe 2980 Board Members are selected by the sponsor through interview and application process which includes nomination from the student membership.  This process begins in April.


Section 2.               Requirements for all elected officers are as follows:

                                Each student must be an active member of the troupe for at least one school year,

                                At the time of election the student must be enrolled in grades 9-11.


Section 3.               The officer duties are listed in the additional By-Laws. 


Section 4.               General skills for officers are listed below.

A.                  President

1.                    Must work well with others and lead the group appropriately

2.                    Must be available to work with the sponsor and organize officer and general meetings.

3.                    Must be present at all of the troupe’s activities.

4.                   Responsible

5.                   Handle team dynamics

6.                    Be supportive of theatre and all of the arts

B.                   Vice-President

1.                    Must work well with others and be able to lead the group in an appropriate way.

2.                    Must be available to work with the sponsor.

3.                    Must be present at all of the troupe’s activities.

4.                   Responsible

5.                   Handle team dynamics

6.                    Be supportive of theatre and all of the arts


C.                   Treasurer

1.                    Must be able to handle the financial accounts of the club.

2.                    Will be responsible for the club shirts.

3.                    Will be responsible for the fundraising of the group.

4.                   Must be a supporter of all participants and willing to help all reach their goals of fundraising successfully.

5.                   Work with the adult booster club board

D.                   Parliamentarian

1.                    Must be able to handle attendance at meetings

2.                    Must be able to uphold the constitution of the group

3.                    Must be willing to enforce demerit system set by the student members

4.                   Must be able to organize and keep track of the demerit and merit system for the organization

5.                   Must have a basic understanding of Robert’s Rules of Order


E.                  Secretary

1.                    Must take notes at all meetings and type them.  They must be posted on the callboard within three days of the meeting.

2.                    Must have computer and network.

3.                    Must have a basic understanding of website so that they can update changes

4.                   Must be able to organize a guest list for special events


F.                   Additional Jobs

a.        Historian

1.                    Must keep account of all of the club’s activities in a scrapbook that is presented to the troupe at the ITS Initiation in May.

2.                    Must have a camera or access to one.

3.                    Must submit articles to various news agencies (local and school) and the school office to ensure complete coverage of theatre events.

4.                   In charge of putting together a booth space at ITS State Festival.

b.       Homework Helper


Section 4.               The duties of the sponsor will be to oversee all troupe activities, to be the final

                                authority in the initiation of new members and to be the guide of the



Section 5.               The Executive Student Board shall be composed of the sponsor, all officers

                                 and any honorary members appointed by the sponsor.


Section 6.               The Student Board will include all of the officers of the Executive Student Board  and Committee Chairs within the organization.


Article IV.  Meetings and attendance

Section 1.               Each month, al least one officer and/or board meeting shall be held after school hours in the Black Box Theatre and at least 7 general meetings will be held in a school year.


Section 2.               The sponsor, or any officer, may call special meetings or committee meeting by a quorum vote.


Section 3.               A quorum shall be fifty percent of the active membership and must include two

                                Board members.


Section 4.               Any member who is absent for three meeting per school year, three rehearsals during

                                any current production, unless they have an excuse considered valid by the sponsor or

                                who does not participate in a current production, which would earn one or more

points, shall receive a letter putting them on probation.  Any member who causes deliberate dissension, which would disrupt the workings of any production or business meetings, shall be dropped from active membership by a vote of two thirds of the membership with the consent of the sponsor.  Any member requesting readmittance after suspension must have the consent of the sponsor and two thirds of the membership.


Section 5.               Probation is a temporary classification.  The length of time the probation is in place will be determined by the sponsor and will not exceed four weeks.



Article V.  Dues, etc.

Section 1.               EdTA submits dues to Memorial High School Troupe 2980 and must be paid by the 1st of September each year. 


Section 2.               There shall be a yearly membership fee of $40 for any student involved in the theatre program.  It shall be paid by each initiated individual and made payable to Memorial High School which will be deposited in the theatre activity account. 


Section 3.               There shall be an initial membership due of $25 per initiated individual made payable to Memorial High School that will be sent in one check to EDTA, the National Organization.  Students will not be initiated without payment. 



Article VI.  Amendments

Section 1.               All amendments to this constitution must have the vote of two thirds of the troupe membership.  This constitution and its amendments shall be subject to change according to any or all requirements of the International Thespian Society.




Article I.  Attendance

Section 1.               Late arrival or leaving early from meetings or rehearsals without a reason considered valid by the Theatre director/sponsor will be counted as tardy.   This must be given as soon as possible but a minimum of 24 hours in advance.  Three such offenses will be counted as an absence from a meeting without excuse.


Section 2.               Regular after school meetings will begin at 3:10 p.m. in BBT unless special notice is posted.


Section 3.               Irregular attendance indicates a lack of interest; therefore any member absent three meetings/rehearsals per school year without written excuse submitted to the Secretary, Stage Manager or sponsor the day of, or after the scheduled meeting/rehearsal shall be automatically suspended from the active roll or membership.


Section 4.               Attendance shall be considered in the service hour system established by the troupe and toward the inclusion of students to various functions the department attends.  Each meeting will earn the student one hour of service to the department.


Section 5.               Absences shall accumulate for only one school year at a time.



Article II.  Inductions

Section 1.               Inductions shall be held twice each year, or as often as deemed necessary.


Section 2.               The sponsor will finalize the time and place of induction.


Section 3.               The Vice-President will be held responsible for the training of the speakers of the induction ceremony, must schedule and rehearse said speakers, as well as take care of the preparation of the stage and induction properties.


Article III.  Troupe Activities

Section. 1.              The troupe is not a secret organization, so faculty and students interested in theatre, as well as honorary members and alumni, shall be invited to its meetings.


Section 2.               The troupe shall sponsor at least one “charity” program a year for the purpose of establishing good relationships with the community.


Section 3.               The troupe shall cooperate with all of the departments and clubs in the school in helping them with the technical support in the auditorium and black box theatre.



Article IV.  Point Award System

Section 1.               The theatre director/sponsor will determine the exact number of points to be awarded in all theatrical and non-theatrical participation.


Section 2.               Points will be awarded as suggested by the point system of the International Thespian Society.  You can find updates to the point system below at


Section 3.               Each student/thespian will be responsible for filling out any and all point information sheets prior to receiving said points.  This is done monthly and sheets are due by the 10th of each month to the Parliamentarian.  This may require signatures or presentation of mementos/ticket stub for verification and forms are found in the black box theatre.


Section 4.               The guidelines for the ITS Point System is included.  Please note that this is a guide and does not guarantee that an individual will receive full points for any position.


One-Act & Play Potential Points


Major role 4 8

Minor role 3 5

Walk-on 1 2

Chorus 1 3

Dancer 1 3

Understudy 1 2


Stage manager 4 8

Stage crew 2 4

Lighting technician 3 6

Lighting crew 2 3

Set designer 4 5

Set construction crew 3 5

Costumer 3 6

Costume crew 2 5

Properties manager 3 5

Properties crew 2 3

Sound technician 3 5

Sound crew 2 3

Video editor 1.5 2

Video crew 1.5 3

Makeup manager 3 5

Rehearsal prompter 2 4

Pianist 3 6

Musicians 2 3


Business manager 4 6

Business crew 2 4

Publicity manager 3 5

Publicity crew 2 3

Ticket manager 2 4

Ticket crew 1 3

House manager 2 4

House crew 1 2

Ushers 1 2

Programs 1 3

Program crew 1 2

One-Act and Full Length


Director 4 8

Assistant director 3 6

Vocal director 3 6

Video producer/director 3 4

Assistant vocal director 2 5

Orchestra or band director 3 6

Assistant orchestra or

band director 2 5

Choreographer 4 7

Assistant choreographer 3 5










Original play (produced) 5 8

Orig. radio script (prod.) 4 6

Orig. TV script (prod.) 4 6

Orig. play (unproduced) 1 2

Orig. radio script

(unproduced) .5 1.5

Orig. TV script (unprod.) .5 1.5

Miscellaneous Oral interpretation 2

Duet acting scenes 2

Participation in theatre

festival or contest 3

Attending theatre festival 1/day

Assembly program 1

Officers President 6

Vice president 4

Secretary 5

Treasurer 4

Clerk 4

Website develop/maintenance 4

Other 2


















Troupe directors may award points on an hourly basis for attending productions, or they may award .5 point for attending a production and writing a substantial critique or report demonstrating the educational value of the experience.


Article V.  Elections

Section 1.               Board shall be selected by sponsor through application (with nomination from membership).


Section 2.               Nominations for officers are to be made by application.  Officers will be elected by a board and sponsor recommendation.


Section 3.               Interviews will be held in the spring to be considered for the student board.  Once the interviews are completed, a recommendation will be given to the selected board to vote on the officer positions.


Section 4.               Three members, including one officer, may request in writing to the sponsor, a recall election of all or any elected officers.  This written request must state the need for such an election.  A special meeting will be scheduled within five school days upon receive of the request, for the purpose of voting on whether or not a recall election is necessary.  Two thirds of the membership is required to mandate a recall election.  If a recall election is necessary, election of officers will follow the procedure set in Article V. Section 2.



Article VI.  Installations

Section 1.               Officers shall be installed in May unless special circumstances exist.



Article VII.  Adoption

Section 1.               This constitution was officially adopted on September 10, 2000 and ratified on        August 26, 2008 and again on August 18, 2009 and finally on August 17, 2011.



Article VIII. Alcohol, Tobacco and Drugs

Section 1.               In the event a student is found to have possession of alcohol, tobacco or drug products while on a school sponsored trip or while at a school sponsored rehearsal or performance, the student will be sent home immediately and the appropriate administration contacted.


Section 2.               If found guilty of possession of alcohol, tobacco or drug products the student will be removed from the program along with whatever school punishment is sentenced.  The student will remain removed from the program for the remainder of the academic school year.


Section 3.               If a student returns to the program after a one-year suspension and is found guilty  once again of possession of alcohol, tobacco or drug products the student will be removed from the program for the remainder of their high school career along with whatever school punishment is sentenced.



Article IX.  Conflict Resolution.

Section 1.               In the event issues/conflicts arise between a Thespian and a Sponsor, which cannot be solved through communication between the two parties, the issue should be resolved by the school administration.


Section 2.               In the event issues/conflicts arise between a thespian and a chaperone, two thespians or other two parties—the sponsor and any other appropriate school personnel will handle the issue.


Article X.  Demerit System.

Section 1.               Any member of ITS will be put on probation after receiving 15 demerits and will be removed from the honors program after acquiring 20.

Section 2.               The demerit system is listed below:

                                Talking/chatter during warm-ups, notes, meetings or rehearsal when students have been asked to be quiet will result in 1 demerit.

                                Not wearing closed-toe shoes in the theatre work areas or not wearing proper dance/rehearsal attire will result in 1 demerit.

                                Not wearing a required theatre/show shirt on required days or during travel will result in 2 demerits.

                                Unexcused Absence is 3 demerits.  Students are expected to call or email in by 10 a.m. and submit written note if applicable.

                                Failure to meet a financial obligation or form due date will result in 4 demerits.

                                If a student does not participate in a mainstage production earning a minimum of one thespian point they will receive 5 demerits.

                                Failure to attain 12.5 theatre service hours of the required 25 on or before December 12th will result in 6 demerits.

                                Failure to clean up costume area and properly hang costumes will earn 7 demerits.

                                ISS assignment during the school year will result in 8 demerits.

                                Not fulfilling an officer/board duty or responsibility will result in 9 demerits.

                                Public display of disrespect towards a director, department or member of the department will result in 10 demerits.

                                Students found guilty of possession or use of drugs, alcohol or narcotics will receive 20 demerits and removed from the program.

Section 3.               A student will be put on probation if they have 15 demerits.  An officer or board member will be removed from their position if they receive 15 demerits.

Section 4.               Issues on demerits should be presented to the Parliamentarian, who will bring them to the board for vote. All board members will get one equal vote. If 51% of the board votes in favor of dismissing the demerit, it will be dismissed.

Section 5.               Merits can be obtained to correct offenses. One merit cancels out one demerit. In order to obtain a merit, an ITS member must work 1 hour for the department. These hours do not also count for the 25 required hours for the year.


Memorial Theatre Officer/Board By-Laws


Being a Memorial Theatre officer requires you to be a living representation of the Memorial Theatre Mission Statement which is “Act well your part; there all the honour lies”.  In addition, it will require more time than the average theatre members and you must be willing and able to commit your time and efforts to the success of the Memorial Theatre Program.  Listed below are the requirements of an officer for this organization.


I.                    Eligibility of an Officer

a.       Grades--All officers must maintain an overall 6-weeks grade average of 70.  If the average is below 70, the officer will be given a 6-week grace period while being placed on probation.  If the grade average is not raised to a 70 during the grace period, the officer will be dismissed.

b.      Conduct

                                                               i.      Two “N”s or one “U” in conduct grades for disciplinary reasons for each 6-week will result in a 6-week grace period while being placed on probation.  Conduct grades must be brought up to “S” and “E” in all classes during the grace period or the officer will be dismissed.

                                                             ii.      If an officer is suspended, expelled, transferred to an alternative school or receives detentions for 2 disciplinary offenses the officer will be dismissed.

c.       Class Requirements (effective May 2008)

                                                               i.      Officers must be enrolled in a theatre class the entire year unless a conflict of interest occurs.  It must be approved by the ITS Board. 

                                                             ii.      If an officer drops their theatre class, the board must meet to discuss the officer position.


II.                 Officer Elections

a.       Officer candidates must meet eligibility requirements.

b.      All candidates must have attend department meetings during the year they run for office.

c.       All candidates must be a member or eligible to be a member of the International Thespian Society, Troupe 2980, must be inducted at the Spring Ceremony and have paid their dues for membership.

d.      All officer candidates must petition for election with a given and necessary amount of signatures of current members with at least 10 ITS Points each, excluding seniors.

e.       Petitions for office must be turned in with the officer packet and a completed questionnaire stating why the candidate wishes to attain a board member position.

f.        Any candidate who is elected must attend the retreats and officer meetings. 

g.       The only excuses accepted for missing a required event for an officer will be at the discretion of the Directors.  Examples would include illness or family bereavement.



III.               Officer Removal/Resignation

a.       In the event that a board member is removed or resigns, the first alternate will fill the open office and the next highest-ranking candidate who accepts the position will fill the vacant slot.  A reasonable effort will be made to keep the number deemed appropriate by the sponsor.

b.      In the case that the President is removed or resigns, the Vice-President will take his/her place and the highest-ranking board member will assume the role of Vice-President.

c.       In the event of co positions, the co will fulfill the duties of the office. 

d.      If any officer wishes to resign, a written letter must be given to the President and the Sponsor.


IV.              Meetings

a.       Board Meetings

                                                               i.      Board member meetings are to be held once monthly at the school.

                                                             ii.      President calls the meeting to order.

                                                            iii.      Any remaining old business will come from the secretary’s minutes of the previous meetings.

                                                           iv.      New issues are presented, discussed and voted on if necessary.

                                                             v.      The next meeting time is announced.

                                                           vi.      The meeting is adjourned.

                                                          vii.      Officer notebooks and calendars are required at every board meeting.

b.      Voting at Meetings

                                                               i.      Majority rule will only pass any business issue.

                                                             ii.      President will vote only to break a tie on any issue.

                                                            iii.      If a tie still exists, the director will vote to break the tie.

c.       Attendance at Meetings

                                                               i.      Officers must be present at all board and general meetings.  (For acceptable excuses, refer to Article II, J)

                                                             ii.      One unexcused absence from a Board Meeting will be allowed, however, 3 demerits will be given automatically.  The second unexcused absence will result in dismissal. 

                                                            iii.      Officers are expected to wear the required theatre shirt the entire school day of which a department meeting and ITS Meetings are held.

                                                           iv.      70% of the board members and a director must be present to hold a meeting.  Only the President with a Director’s approval or a Director may call emergency meetings.

                                                             v.      All officers must submit grievances, suggestions, and agenda items to be addressed, no later than the board meeting, which is held prior to the department meeting.

                                                           vi.      Meetings may not be cancelled without a board vote and Director’s approval.

                                                          vii.      Officers will be expected to help set up and clean up after all meetings.



V.                 Officer Retreats

a.       Fall Retreat

                                                               i.      Officers must review the Constitution, Manual of Policies and Procedures and “Tips for Success in the MHS Theatre”, and make revisions if necessary.  If any revisions are made to the Constitution for the current year, the board must ratify them unanimously.

                                                             ii.      The officer board will brainstorm and discuss goals for the upcoming year.

                                                            iii.      Officers will update their calendars.

b.      Winter/Spring Retreat


VI.              Officer Responsibilities

a.       Description of Board Positions

                                                               i.      President:  calls meetings (board and general) to order, presides over all meetings, encourages other officers to fulfill their duties, recognizes those who want to speak at meetings, maintains communication between officer board and directors, makes meeting agenda and gives to Secretary to be typed for the department and ITS Meetings, sends periodic mailers to all members and parents and prepares all audition sign-ups, contracts and audition information unless a stage manager is named.

                                                             ii.      Vice-President: Carries out President’s duties in their absence, notifies and communicates with committees, parents and chair-persons, keeps track of ITS Membership, maintains database and provides information to Booster Club Officers.  They also are the spearhead of all activities of the troupe.

                                                            iii.      Secretary: Keeps minutes of department and ITS meetings, posts minutes on callboard, gives a copy of all minutes to President, directors and administrators, makes copies and distributes agenda for meetings, keeps a copy of agendas, corresponds with other troupes and organizations as necessary, gives Thank-You notes as necessary, updates sponsor and parent address labels, maintains the suggestion box and helps with the website.

                                                           iv.      Treasurer: Maintains budget of the organization and spearheads all fund-raising for individuals and the organization, works with the booster club to handle t-shirt sales, handles all dues collection along with booster club and maintains up-to-date financials. 

                                                             v.      Parliamentarian: Keeps order at meetings, keeps attendance for meetings, gives copies of attendance to Secretary and President, manages demerit system, keeps track of Manual of Policies and Procedures, makes communication directory of all current members and transfers the points from the written point sheets to the database in the computer.

                                                           vi.      Historian: Collects and takes photos and arranges for the videotaping of all productions, rehearsals, trips, crews, meetings and other departmental events.  Creates a comprehensive memory book of the year, handles ITS State board and presents these items at the end of the year banquet.

                                                          vii.      ComedySportz Liaison: responsible for maintaining communication flow regarding their calendar and events and develops the schedule for set-up and take down for matches.  Is also in charge of posting information regarding practices schedule and informing coach about practices and match participants.

                                                        viii.      Publicity Manager: In charge of publicizing all productions, meetings and other activities, lead publicity crews, communicate events through posters, announcements at the high school through television announcements and callouts, work with the MHS Theatre Booster Club Inc to send press releases.

                                                           ix.      Community Outreach:  Responsible for all community obligations and coordinates community service projects.  Maintains communications with middle schools and handles spring socials and visits.

                                                             x.      Tutoring supervisor: Responsible for maintaining and posting tutoring that is available through the department.  Liaison for all students that require additional academic support.

b.      Other Assigned Duties-Officer Duty Days are weeks during a month that an officer is assigned to stay after school for at least 30 minutes, beginning no earlier than 3:00 p.m. and no later than 3:10 p.m., for the duration of the year to assist the Directors and fellow thespians with any business that needs to be attended to.  Officers must sign out on the calendar in the theatre office.  If they fail to attend, it must be noted on the calendar.  Upon the second unexcused absence, two demerits will be automatically given for each subsequent absence.


VII.            Officer Board Demerit System:  This system of demerits has been created as motivation for the positive behavior of a board member.  The goal of the system is that its enforcement will help the board as a whole.  An officer will be dismissed from the board is he/she acquires 15 demerits and demerits will be posted.  The demerit and merit system is written above in the constitution.


Auditions, over at last.

Surprise, surprise,

I’ve been cast!

Rehearse and rehearse,

How many times?

Will I ever

Remember my lines?


It’s opening night.

Oh, what a case

Of stage fright.

My stomach is achy,

My legs are so shaky.

Once I speak

That first line,

Surely all will be fine.

The show ends,

The curtain falls.

A standing ovation,

Loud applause.

Could it be,

They liked me?


Act well your part,

there all the honor lies.