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Memorial High School Theatre

Volunteer Information - Food





      Thank you for volunteering to help with snacks or meals for the Theatre Department!! Anyone who has been involved with    theatre will know that food always plays a leading role!



J     The menus chosen for meals (due to popular requests from the students)  & some restaurant suggestions are:

o       Chicken fingers (Chick-Fil-A; Rice Epicurean; Whataburger)

o       Pasta (Collinas, Fuzzy’s, Olive Garden)

o       BBQ (Goode Company; Pizzitola’s)

o       Pizza  (Fuzzy’s, Collinas, Dominos, Russos)

o       Baked Potatoes (Skeeters, Sweet Tomato)

o       Fajitas (Skeeters; Guadalajara; FreeBirds)

o       Sandwiches (Firehouse Subs, Quiznos, Subway, Potbelly’s)

o       Burgers (Southwells, Freeway Burgers, Whataburger)


Please know we have students who are vegetarians and a few with food allergies.  Please consider foor for them also.


J     A variety of snacks are acceptable although during the performance schedule dairy is restricted (due to effect on voices) Ideas of snacks are:

o       Cookies

o       Pretzels

o       Fruit

o       Cheese and crackers

o       Chips

o       Small sandwiches or wraps

(NO DIPS please – these are too good at transmitting germs between students)

Please avoid peanut butter or peanuts b/c of possible allergies


J     Volunteer information:

o       Anyone volunteering can submit receipts for reimbursement at a maximum rate of $5 per head for a meal and $1 per head for snacks. Send receipts and completed reimbursement form to Barbara Mourglia. A reimbursement form is available to download from

o       Donations are very welcomed

o       You will be contacted a few days before your session to remind you, give you final numbers for that session, and the time and place to be set up.

o       Tax exemption certification is available, and we encourage you to use this form.

o       Snacks – set up in Band hall on tables

o       Meals – Unless otherwise instructed, serve in Theater lobby

o       Cutlery, napkins, plates, cups and beverages have been purchased and are in the concessions cupboard.  Please make sure to budget time to make lemonade.  If you choose to bring in additional drinks, please know that is fine but they need to be iced down.  Ice is not always available. 



If you have any questions please contact Heather Gaw via email