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Memorial High School Theatre

Volunteer Information - Flowers


Flower Sales





J     You will be contacted a few days before your session to remind you about arrangements but should you find that you are no longer able to attend the session you signed up for, please ensure that you inform Heather Gaw ASAP so that another person can take your place.


J     Do not sign up to help with flowers on a day that you want to see the show as your time will be needed in the foyer.


J     Please arrive 45 minutes before curtain up as patrons do turn up early for our shows


J     The flower stand will be set up and a float will be in the cash box ready for your arrival.


J     Prior to the show and during intermission patrons will be able to purchase flower arrangements and leave them at the flower stand to be ‘dressed’ and collected at the end of the show.


J     It would be extremely helpful to our Treasurer if the following could take place with the cash box once sales are completed:


o       Put the ‘float’ cash back into the Ziploc bag marked float in the same denominations (if possible) as marked

o       Count the remaining proceeds, place in the Ziploc bag marked with the date of the performance and write the amount on the form provided

o       Give the cash box to one of the Booster Board members who will be in the foyer


J     The shift is complete once the flowers have been collected by the patrons and the remaining flowers have been placed back in the storage room.



Thank you for taking the time to read these instructions, and for getting involved with the Theatre Arts program at MHS. Your time and efforts are greatly appreciated!  If you have any questions please contact Heather Gaw at